We want to make entrepreneurship accessible.

Project Zilkr is an online curriculum to educate and enable young entrepreneurs, providing them resources necessary for success.

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What we do?

We at Zilkr want to give you mentors, resources and drive to build products and create your own startup. From market research to financials, we will walk you through the process of disciplined entrepreneurship. Set your own goals and complete missions to gain rewards as your watch your ideas grown and shape before your eyes.

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A big part of Project Zilkr is the community the initaitive brings together. As we continue to grow and build our platform, we are seeking to bring on a board of mentors to help expand our initiative.

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What is #startnow?

#StartNow is our twitter hashtag to let us know you are starting now! The goal of the hashtag is to inspire young people to become entrepreneurs right now, starting clubs, community projects, local initiatives, and even businesses!

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